How to make a PSD

requested by anon

these are just some tips, you don’t have to make it exactly as i do :) 

also, i suck at explaining things. be warned

- so the first thing you’re gonna do, is to open your picture. resize and sharpen in. 

- now, add some curves. you can find them on your adjustment window (Window - Adjustments), or here:

- set them to your liking. 

- add some vibrance (i usually set it to +70 or +80), and hue/saturation 

- now, you can add a Color Fill (Layer -> New Fill Layer -> Solid Color) 

- you can play with opacity, Fill, and Layer Mode:

- i usually set them to Screen or Multiply

- you can add as many Color Fills as you want

- if you want, add Color Balance, Photo Filters, and Selective Color which you can find on your Adjustment Window. 

- Once you’re done, select all your layers (except for the Background), and press ALT+G on your keyboard to create a group. click  ”File -> Save As..” and save it. make sure you save it as a photoshop document. and that’s pretty much it :)  

if you have any questions, feel free to message me!

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